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Bramham CCI 3 * Dressage June 8/9th

Well of course the weather would turn to summer storms as soon as the three star boys were back into the serious end of the spring season! Having spent a lazy week at Tatts with a one star horse Sammi found herself at Bramham in gale force winds, torrential rain and with two horses for the CCI 3 star to ride and train for the week.

Ably supported by the amazing Hels, owners on site and parents in the local hotel ( I still have not had the courage to call Jude and ask her how the local 2.5 star hotel is fairing... I can only imagine the staff bolting for the door when Jude raises a hand..) Sammi was on flying form and went early with The Court Jester to score 45.9 and take an early lead. At the end of 2 days of full on tests Jester still lies in 10th, less than 10 points off the lead. Impressive.

Hunter Valley ( Gizmo) had to work through until Friday afternoon to do his test which would have done him no harm whatsoever. Despite Jester no doubt sniggering at him as he was tacked up yet again he still managed to play the fool in the arena with a particular nod to the flower box at A which he spooked at throughout his test. He is a superstar though and a score of 41.6 leaves him in 4th spot and just under 5 points off the lead.

No surprise then that our Sammi is the only person to have two in the top 15 along with Andrew Nicholson. That's class. Pure class.....

Although there is a rumour that one of the boys dropped Sammi tonight when she was jump schooling. I have no idea which one it was as Hels was laughing so much she became incoherent which was fairly amusing in itself. The fact that Hels was laughing means a soft fall so all is well but I am intrigued... my money is on Giz!

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