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Bramham CCI 3 star Cross Country 10th June

What a day at Bramham... Ian Stark was known as the Flying Scotsman when he rode at Championship level in the 80's, 90's and early millenium years and his association with his "flying greys", Murphy Himself and Glenburnie is legendary. Now that he is a course builder he shows the same flair for cross country that he did when he rode... edge of the seat stuff.

The Court Jester did not seem 100 per cent practice jumping on Friday evening and blood tests confirmed that something was amiss so Sammi withdrew him as the priority is always the well being of the horse. I am not sure how the owners have faired in their caravans this week in inclement conditions but how ever sodden their clothes are its good to know that Jester is safe and sound in the stable under the adoring care of Hels! He will re route to Barbury CIC 3 star and an Autumn CCI 3 .

Now to Hunter Valley ( Gizmo) and our Sammi. Sammi is the first to use the hashtag #naughtygizmo but my God they were simply splendid today! It was a tough day for sure, good combinations fell by the wayside but no one is better than Sammi when she goes for it and go for it she did. They were a spectacular combination cross country today and for an Aussie TB like Gizmo to cope with the mud and conditions just shows how well Sammi has produced him. They sped around for just 3.2 time to now sit in 2nd place, just 1.7 off the lead. Just one horse and rider made time all day and apparently rumour has it there was a slight debacle at the second water when Sammi lost her stirrups which she blames her time faults on.

I am so glad that breeders ( of both!) Jude and Lyndon are here and am so proud of Sambo... what a fabulous day!

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