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Bramham Showjumping 11th June: Podium Finish!!!!

Wow! What a Bramham! Photo credit Hels Tagg.... Sammi looks like she has stepped straight out of an episode of Poldark and Giz looks positively smug! For some reason flogging miles and miles up North to Bramham seems to suit Sammi and Hunter Valley ( Gizmo) as they bettered their 4th spot last year with a 3rd spot today and a podium finish. A rail from Giz and a rail and 1 time from Gemma Tattersall saw victory go to a well deserved Yoshi Oiwa who added the least faults to his dressage score ( 2.4) for a unique Japanese victory that was very popular.

Just a few clears today.. the tough showjumping track on the back of a seriously tough cross country yesterday took its toll. 32 started the showjumping and 28 didn't even make it to showjumping. Be proud Sammi B!!!!!

Maybe the hours long road trip makes it feel more like Australia. ( Its only 4 and a half, that's a ride to the local supermarket in Aus). Okay... maybe its June and feels a little warmer in the UK! Anyway, Giz and Bramham and Sammi seem to work. The aim this week was to qualify for 4 star which meant an MER at three star ( its complicated, just trust me that they have ticked the box) and they have also qualified for Badminton which has an extra qualification ( don't worry, they have ticked this box too) so for those of you that remember Enchanted ( stable name Sabrina, aka Disenchanted after the showjumping) this is a step up!

Sabrina was a beautiful big chestnut mare that was a cross country machine. She was also lazy as hell in the dressage despite staggering talent and the most careless showjumper imaginable. Sammi managed to do a few 4 stars, be runner up at the British Open and achieve other notable results back home with her so lets just imagine what lies in store for her now Gizmo is up for 4 star. The future looks bright peeps.... very bright.

And on another note either Jude McLeod is speechless after her first foray into 2.5 star hotel accommodation or she has lost her phone. Either is very possible. I may or may not be in trouble when I meet up with her this week.

A nice video interview with Horse and Country TV on facebook. Sammi cant remember whether Hels looks after Charlie when she is riding, or when she isn't. Ed makes a cameo appearance when he kisses Sammi in an odd moment after xc and Sammi claims that she bred Gizmo herself which is actually not true, Lyndon did! Charlie features briefly and Sammi does a great job of pretending she is not out of breath and is superfit.

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