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Barbury International 6th-8th July

Image from ERM on facebook.

Three rides at Barbury for Sammi which was a nice way to keep busy in the fabulously welcome July sunshine. Sammi, being born and bred in the heat of Australia, was right at home and for anyone who has ever spent any time at Barbury on a windy and wet day it was most welcome! Still most of the Brits seem to flatline when it gets above 21 degrees and there were many beetroot faces and much puffing and sweating down at Sharpridge for the CIC 2 star dressage on Thursday.

D did a very nice test on a very undulating grass arena and was fairly harshly marked for a 49. It was definitely a sub 50 but more a low forties than high forties as it was mistake free and ridden with Sammi's usual forward flair and was really a classy one to watch. D then got to hang out back home until Saturday for the rest of his phases.

Friday saw The Kincooley Ceili (William) really shine yet again. This time he was in the intermediate novice and after a flashy 28 dressage, a lovely clear showjumping on the sloping ground of the West Arena and a speedy and really classy clear cross country to finish on his dressage they picked up 5th spot, a properly smart rosette and a great day out.

Saturday and it was D's jumping phases as well as The Court Jester's debut ERM CIC 3 star. D rolled a pole which is highly unusual for him although generally not unheard of in the horse world but then was a star cross county on only his second CIC 2 star start for a clear with 15 time. I think only one combination made time all day out of 300 plus horses so 15 was pretty average for those not wanting to go for the World Land Speed Record on firm enough ground with nice young horses.

In the strong afternoon sunshine it was Jester's turn to shine. Sammi was a bit shocked to find herself in the ERM section and we had to find some music choices for her and it was all very exciting to be right up with the big boys and girls. Jester was even more shocked as since he was pulled out of Bramham he has had a fairly easy recovery time and since he has not jumped, galloped much or schooled much I presume he thought he was at Barbury for some sort of demo. He looked magnificent, as always simply gleaming with his personal manager and body guard Hels Tagg ensuring he looked like a rock star and really did a stunning test to score 40.5 and sit in 7th place.

Sadly that will be the end of Jester's ERM at Barbury... his blood tests are still not 100% right as he recovers from the virus he picked up at Bramham and as always, Sammi puts her horses welfare before her personal ambitions. Jester gets a bye and Sammi gets a Sunday off!

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