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Lignieres 28th September.

It's nigh on impossible to find results or start lists for Lignieres but I did manage to track down a French results site which listed some sort of order and percentages not scores! Sammi and..wait for it... Debonair..., yes, D finally has the dignity of a name! Sammi originally hoped that as a reward he would suddenly turn into Valegro but unsurprisingly this has not happened just yet. They scored around 62% which is around a 52 or 53 in real terms and has left Sammi feeling "depressed" in her own words. I think she needs to man up a bit, to be fair to D he managed to contract some mystifying ( and therefore expensive of course) type of man flu which has meant he has missed a fair bit if work and was on a 50/50 chance of even going to France but hey ho, Sam is nothing if not competitive!

Rumour has it Sammi checked whether young Otis Price was in Tim's truck before she parked next to him ( he is not, he is home with Jonelle!) and then she declared her intention for the week was "to sleep lots and drink plenty of French wine". That is much more like the spirit required!

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