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Lignieres showjumping 1st October.

It was nice that the CCI 2 star showjumped in the morning as there is nothing worse that hanging round all day waiting to jump with a long journey home to follow! Debonair ( D) jogged up looking bright and fancy in the morning and then showjumped a beautiful clear round which elevated him into the top 20.

Double clear at a first CCI is always a lovely way to finish the season with a young horse and D has certainly ticked all the boxes this week at Lignieres. ( Apart from the unscheduled wheel barrow incident of course). Sammi was planning on driving to Caen and then traveling on the overnight ferry to Portsmouth. Rumour has it that Ed simply cannot wait for her to return although whether that is down to his undying love for her or an over excess of Peppa Pig and single parenthood for the week is a question that is yet to be answered!

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