• Jacky Green

2018 ERM calendar released

The ERM calendar for 2018 has been released and as always, with spectacular venues and big prize money on offer it is going to be a very competitive series! Sammi plans to contest some of the legs with Hunter Valley ( Gizmo) as there are venues which are really well suited to a TB with the hilly tracks like Chatsworth in particular springing to mind. And the final has been moved from Blenheim to the super hilly and testing ground of Blair Castle which is brilliant news. Blair is a stunning venue and the addition of the ERM final will ensure that it attracts riders up into Scotland where it also hosts 1, 2 and 3 star classes as well so a good incentive to pack a truck load of ponies and head for the hills!

The promo video shows some nice footage of Sammi and Gizmo at Blenheim ERM last year too!


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