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Gatcombe 25th March.

Sammi decided to join the 2018 season at the perfect time having avoided the abandonment of much of the calendar which has been the norm so far this spring. Having congratulated herself on her smart move Gatcombe then promptly cancelled all of Saturdays competition which left The Kincooley Ceili (William) all dressed up with no where to go.

It was then touch and go regarding Sunday and they finally gave the green light around 6.30am. So off for a short trip down the road went Hunter Valley ( Giz) and his team for their first start of 2018.

After a flashy and abnormally well behaved dressage for a 29 Sammi returned to the horsebox, looked out of the window and decided that it was not in Giz's best interests to jump in the tacky going so made the decision to withdraw and go home! This is not something that Sammi normally does but as she says, she has one top horse and is aiming for the Worlds in September so there is no rush... had she been aiming for Badminton it would have been a different story.

So off they drove on the short trip home where no doubt Sammi had a fun afternoon with Ed and Charlie Birch. And the new puppy which I keep reminding Sammi is the strangest looking Labrador I have ever seen.

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