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  • Jacky Green

Aston le Walls 9th May

Belton seems like a very long time ago already and after taking a few weeks out of competition to reorganise life in the new base where finally house and horses are together Sammi decided that two events in three days was the next option!

Hunter Valley ( Gizmo) is off "oop North" for Chatsworth CIC 3 star at the weekend so he got to laze around at home on Wednesday while Sammi headed off to Aston le Walls with the two up and coming superstars. The Kincooley Ceili ( William) is already advanced so he had to play with the big boys in his OI section which was quite tough when you have the cross country going on on the other side of the hedge! He then settled down to give his usual stunning jumping display over the poles before a neat and speedy cross country for just 3 time.

Debonair ( Dee) is still an intermediate so he was on more of a level playing field and his score of 29 on the flat was very smart. He also posted a nice double clear finding Aston pretty easy and it was a good day all round.

So this weekend its all about Gizmo and the real start to the quest to get to WEG. Sammi is in the ERM so it will be live streamed so we get to watch every phase!

Click on the link below to see all the details.

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