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  • Jacky Green

Chatsworth ERM CIC 3 star International

Off went Team Birch to Chatsworth... supergroom Hels to look after Hunter Valley ( Gizmo), Ed Birch to drive the horsebox ( I so hope he enjoys the limiter), Jude and Lyndon McLeod as owners, breeders and support crew and Sammi as rider. Oh, and Charlie Birch of course.

That was on Saturday and a stunning test from Sammi and Giz had them right up there in the 20's. Giz tried his hardest not to spook at the the flowers and Sammi tried her hardest not to have the Lochinvar Lean and they presented a super picture of harmony.

Highlight for me was Alex Franklin, dressage trainer to the stars, being described as Sammi's supergroom on ERM TV. Too funny as Hels was holding the polos and the headcollar in full shot!

Saturday dawned bright and sunny and the poles were rolling in the showjumping right left and centre. Sammi and Giz jumped the picture perfect round before just tipping the last ... and then had a fairly long wait for cross country. I am assuming Sammi had a kip as that is what she loves to do..

And then she was pure magic. Sam and Giz simply skipped around the track giving a picture perfect rendition of how you should ride advanced cross country. Sammi reckoned she was rusty at the start.. I beg to forgive.. she was amazing, Giz was astounding and look out world cos this is where the road to WEG starts in earnest!

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