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Horse and Hound Featured rider

Sammi bravely went public this week in Horse and Hound about her treatment for breast cancer and her hopes for making the WEG team with Hunter Valley ( Gizmo).

Kate Green is without doubt one of the best and most respected equestrian writers around and it is an article that is both touching and inspirational. As always with Sammi her generous good nature and her competitive aspirations shine through and she is quick to credit Hels as always as "her rock".

It has been a real family affair ( Hels has been a part of that family for 19 years) and both her parents, Jude and Lyndon and her husband Ed as well as some of her close friends have rallied round to support her and try and help out where they could. I even witnessed Jude with short and broken nails after she had worked so hard in the new property and that is something I never thought I would see in my lifetime! It was Sammi's decision to keep it quiet whilst she underwent treatment and she has dealt with the whole situation with enormous dignity and a dogged determination to keep riding her lovely horses.

Sammi will say that her "boys" ( Ed and Charlie) and the riding have kept her going but we have all been staggered by her sheer determination to keep competing her three advanced horses throughout her chemo. Hats off to Sammi....and have a read of a truly remarkable feature piece.

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