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  • Jacky Green

Farley OI

In a bizarre twist of circumstances Sammi has found herself actually available for a traditionally British Summer Holiday. Now this has been at the heart of Uber Brit Ed Birch's agenda for while and it finally all fell into place apart from The Kincooley Ceili's visit to Farley.

Sammi set off dutifully early and, as always she simply nailed it. William posted a 25 dressage, a double clear with 16 time. Classic Sammi.

So they now have a week away in the s

outh and by a miraculous intervention by the weather Gods the next week is supposed to be getting proper warm. Into the thirties which is my idea of warm, the average Brits idea of hell and Sammi's idea of normal. I think, personally, that Ed may struggle with 30 but, I have to say, the man will die trying to cope as he does possess qualities normally associated with Colonials.

And that is a compliment... no moaning and no sweating Ed!

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