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  • Jacky Green

Barbury CIC 3 star dressage

Another stunning day and another cracking performance from Sammi and Hunter Valley ( Gizmo) in the early morning session of the CIC 3 star at Barbury Castle. Sammi had been selected for the ERM CIC 3 star but she generously declined as she does not intend to run cross country and did not want to take a spot on that basis when someone else could benefit. Barbury for Sammi is all about a preparation for the CICO 3 star at Aachen later in the month.

With that in mind Giz was ridden in a more "schooling" fashion in the arena and much to his surprise he found that this time he was not allowed to spook at the flowers without receiving a kick and a reminder to stay forwards! As always with Sammi it was another solid performance and they ended the day in 2nd place ( by 1.7) to European Gold medallist Nicola Wilson and Bulana which is no mean feat.

Of course Giz began the day by acting like a prat and as Hels strugged to get studs in he managed to half take off a shoe. This did nothing to endear him to Hels who freely admits that whilst she loves his ability to be amazing he is no favourite of hers on the ground as he is basically like a spoilt toddler that continually pushes the boundaries!

Giz will come back on Sunday to showjump and then, much to his disgust, he will be taken home.

The Kincooley Ceili ( William) was the Guinea Pig for the CIC 2 star and whilst he enjoyed that very much he is also going to be slightly mystified as to why he does no other phases!

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