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Barbury CIC 3 SJ

A nice early time of 8.20 am for Sammi which I am not too sure went down so well with the rest of the family! I bumped into Ed and Charlie Birch around 8am this morning and Father of the Year was doing a sterling job with a distinctly grumpy child whilst paying much attention to his black lab puppy and the coffee in his hand.

Meanwhile Hels had Hunter Valley (Giz) looking quite magnificent and Sammi went in and jumped her usual copybook round for a foot perfect clear. Tom McEwen, who stepped in for Sammi on Giz when she was pregnant asked me later if there was any hope that Sammi would be with child again soon as his own ride had just systematically destroyed the course and I had to dash his hopes with not as yet.

Sammi would have started cross country in 3rd but Aachen is on the horizon so it was a withdraw and a wait for next time for Giz who would have been furious!

Meanwhile Robert Palm and his too cute Koko Story ( Woody)jumped his socks off for a double clear so his basing with Sam is clearly working out.... Ed claimed he was going home to garden but me thinks the Silverstone GP and a few beers may have been on the cards. Although he did say that he had a digger on site and he was planning on some gardening so who knows what carnage lays at Old Talland House as I write....

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