• Jacky Green

Upton OI

A midweek run for The Kincooley Ceili ( William) at Upton and an event that had tried their hardest to get as good as possible ground that has been baked dry in our summer heatwave. Not that I am complaining of course but its not so easy for organisers with brown grass and endless sunshine!

In Australia Sammi would view this as perfectly normal but she is nearly half Brit now so she complains about the mud and the heat in equal measures as the Brits do. Well, not actually complain but I did find her sitting in the shade at Barbury at 9am when it was 27 with a breeze...

Anyway.. back to Upton and William scored a decent 70% in the dressage before a cool double clear and a nice set up for his next aim which will be his advanced debut at Harras du Pin in August. Hunter Valley ( Gizmo) is also going and he is going to be well miffed to not only have to share the truck space but with a whipper snapper like William doing the same class as him! ( See image above... Giz thinks he far outweighs Charlie in the pecking order...)

Next stop is Aachen CCIO3 star with Gizmo. And you don't get glitzier or more glamorous than Aachen. Jude McCleod.. you should be here for that!

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