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  • Jacky Green

Calmsden BE90 and goodbye to WEG...

When you put the words BE90 and WEG in the same sentence you know that it is not going to end well. And, to be honest, it has not ended well as Sammi's and Hunter Valley's ( Gizmo) quest for WEG selection ended abruptly after a post Aachen scan showed a small lesion that a lesser rider would have contemplated risking at WEG anyway. Sammi is not a lesser rider as we all know and Gizmo will get as much time off as he needs and if anyone is mad about this situation it is him who is simply furious that he seems to be on box rest. Small children and grown men alike will need to be careful passing by his door soon!

It is frustrating on so many levels.. as Sammi has said herself, riding Giz is her "happy place" and it was the thought of WEG that gave her an aim throughout the chemo and the other endless abuses of the body that fighting cancer requires. And spare a thought for Jude McLeod as Lyndon has planned a North American trip to rival the adventures of the original Mayflower crew as her attendance at WEG was also a part of the Canadian Rockies and other such once in a lifetime opportunities. Jude has a view on travel that I can only admire.. if it is not first class with most excellent weather, serving the finest champagne and absolutely no mixing with the great unwashed she may consider it. Personally I cant see her in the Rockies but hell, it looks as though we may!

On the plus side Sammi will now get to take The Kincooley Ceili ( William) to the Blenheim 8/9 year olds CIC 3 star. Upon hearing this news William promptly bashed his leg on something sharp and got himself out of Cholmondely today as he now thinks he is far too grand for an OI.

And back to the babies... probably two of the best schooled and best prepared BE 90 horses you will come across this year. Calcourt Valley ( Kevin... Kevin?? Yes, Kevin....) popped out a 28 and a double clear and stablemate Calcourt Verona ( Ringo... Ringo??? For a girl???) a 32 and another double clear. I would estimate they are jumping 1m30 at home, working advanced medium and I can guarantee that they have been cross country schooling at least 78 times.

And that is why Sammi is simply the best. And if you happen to have an advanced horse lying around she has a space on the truck as although Giz loved to travel alone in a Greta Garbo sort of way William is not so much a fan and would quite like a travel buddy.... and she is one hell of a jockey to hook up with!

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