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  • Jacky Green

Withington Manor

Storm Hannah arrived in time to cause plenty of wild horses at Withington which is perfectly placed on top of a massive hill to make the most of such situations. It's usually on the breezy side but Charlie "Coffee" had lost his mobile catering unit before even the keenest rider had arrived on site!

FInduss PFB (Louis) is a sparky sort of chap at the best of times and to say he was excited be be out in such electric conditions would be an understatement. His 42 dressage somewhat reflected that but he is a super jumper and he relished the track that had been built here.

Good ground and a great cross country course meant that Louis and Sammi had great fun and they both finished up Saturday with smiles on their faces.

Direct Tullyoran Cruise ( Tully) is quite complicated too but Sammi reported a massive improvement as "she only stood up in the dressage warm up today" ! Only Sammi could see that as a positive! She is, without doubt, one of the bravest riders I know for sure. Despite Tully's nerves she scored a 33 and she also then went double clear finding both jumping phases much to her liking. Sammi had some brakes this time as well as Bicton was slightly more on Tully's terms and that resulted in a more harmonious ride this time.

Just the one ride on Sunday with Debonair (Dee) making his 135th novice start. I jest.... he has had some time out and it was his first run back for a while so the Open Novice seemed the perfect option. And there is nothing Sammi likes more than running experienced horses round a novice admiring the scenery in the full knowledge that he is all hers and she doesn't have to explain herself to anyone!

So despite being windswept and a bit battered by the elements all three horses went double clear making the weekend a good one. The BYEH class at Badminton beckons on Wednesday with Lyndon McLeod's and Susan Lamb's Kincooley Read My Mind ( Indie) which is possibly Sammi's worst nightmare... Indie is a gorgeous horse but Sammi would far prefer to be prepping for the trot up than hanging out in her tweed coat.

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