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  • Jacky Green

Aston Le Walls

A very successful weekend at Aston Le Walls with the 8/9 year old advanced class being the main destination class for Finduss PFB ( Louis) as part of his planned route to Blenheim for the prestigious CI4*S age class there.

Saturday dressage and a lovely warm up from Louis before he entered the arena where he still gets nervous.... not quite sure why as he doesn't really have any excuse to be nervous! But that is the make up of Louis... he is a fabulous jumper but his quirk is that not only does he find the flatwork difficult he also finds the arena rather scary!

A mark of 34 was a little bit disappointing but still in touch in a huge class of around 60 horses. Sammi turned her attention to the novices and it was good to see Sheepdrove Cariad back on form and in fact, on such good form that she posted a 25 dressage! It just goes to show how high the standard is... Carrie just added a rail showjumping and 3.6 time and that left him in....17th!

Calcourt Verona ( Ringo) has had more than enough of Calcourt Valley ( Kevin) banging on about his win at Nunney. Stung into action Ringo gave a star performance and added nothing to her dressage of 26.8 to win her section. Kevin, having posted a smart 28 himself, then spat the dummy as he couldn't win his section from there so he tapped out 2 rails before he regained his mojo with his favourite phase on the cross country and gave Sammi another superb ride.

Back on Sunday for the jumping phases with Louis and a super smart clear over the poles was followed by a very solid clear round cross country where Sammi added just 5.2 time for 12th spot in a very competitive class. Sammi (and Hels in particular) adore this horse and it shows as he is certainly on cracking form this season. It was a fun end to a good outing and hopefully Kevin will have moved on from his sulks by his next outing now that he and Ringo are back on an equal footing with a win apiece!

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