• Jacky Green

Millstreet SJ and XC

Well we might have always known that a certain Sammi Birch is a pretty amazing jockey.... Wayne Roycroft famously said she had " the best eye in the business for.a stride" but team Sammi up with a jumper like Direct Tullyoran Cruise ( Tully) and you have a formidable combination.

Tully is a fabulous jumper and the better the horse, the better the jockey that you need. Their clear round showjumping shot them up the leaderboard of the CI4*S from 21st into 11th. The tacky going cross country wasn't helped by the ERM class running before hand but Sammi wasn't worried as Tully had happily dealt with this sort of ground before.

Just speed demons Izzy Taylor and Ollie Townend made time... Sam and Tully sped around for just 2 time to move up into 4th. What a ride and what a fabulous result! Owner Jocelyn Riley must be stoked and her belief in Sammi has been so well proven as this is a partnership that is just going to grow and grow.

A massive hats oft Sammi for the ride , to Jocelyn for the belief, to Hels as always and seriously Team Birch... congratulations!

The team are re routed onto the ferry tomorrow morning,... which means a 3 am departure from wet and windy Millstreet.... and people think our lives are glamorous! But they will., at least, catch up on our fabulous August bank holiday weather in the UK!


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