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  • Jacky Green

Blenheim Sunday

As the rain set in on Sunday morning we sat in the tent watching the CI4*S cross country and mourned the end of summer! Direct Tullyoran Cruise ( Tully) had flown through the jog and was cat napping in her stable whilst Hels ministered to her every whim.

Sammi seemed to forget that she is one of the best jump jockeys on the planet and decided she needed help which came in the form of teammate Christopher Burton who happily walked the showjumping track with her. Burto is a great guy to course walk with and the next issue came as we wondered whether Tully would actually get through the collecting ring and into the arena after the drama of dressage day!

Hels accompanied her right into the ring and reluctantly let go of her charge and then Sammi did what Sammi does best and jumped an immaculate and speedy clear on a brave and careful mare that has given it her best shot this weekend. Not a rail was even breathed upon and a huge cheer went up as Sammi exited the arena at a hack gallop and shot off into the distance!

Finishing in 4th spot sums up everything that the team have worked for this season with a quirky but uber talented mare. Jocelyn Riley has loved her since she was a baby and her faith in her, and Sammi was well rewarded this weekend.

It takes a village....its a result for the whole of Team Birch, from the girls at home, from the ever amazing Hels, to Ed and Charlie for their support over the weekend and so much fun. Tully can look forward to her autumn holiday and Sammi can focus on her next goals which include Boekelo and Le Lion d'Angers.

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