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  • Jacky Green

Dauntsey Saturday

Still muddy but valiantly heading ahead and Sammi was back with 4 rides at Dauntsey for the Saturday. To be fair, they were four super rides with lovely young horses learning their trade and as well all know, there is no one better to teach then that trade than Sammi.

Susan Lamb's and Lyndon McLeod's Kincooley Read My Mind ( Indie) is a beautiful young horse and her 32 and double clear for 4th was a great end to her 2019 season. Susan also owns Jutopia ( Lola) who is another rising star and she led the dressage with a very convincing 24 before becoming a little stuck in the mud for 8 faults showjumping. When you jump like Lola the mud is something of a hindrance but it is always a learning curve at this stage and she will learn! The best jumpers simply love the good ground, especially when they are just 5....

Star of the day was Sheepdrove Carriad (Carrie) who is possibly the most understated star on the yard. Gizmo is a star, William thinks he is a star, Tully knows she is a star, George is fairly convinced he is one, Louis gets confused even thinking about his status....but good Old Carrie brought home the bacon with the second win of the weekend for Sammi with a Saturday novice podium..

And not to be outdone Calcourt Verona ( Ringo) also cracked another great run for a 27.5 and added nothing more than 1 second over for a third her section .

A great weekend fro Sammi and a huge thank you to the whole team at home as that was one wet, muddy, cold and miserable weekend to be eventing! Its nearly the end now and just the fun three days to go.... what a team and what a rider they have in the amazing Mrs Birch!

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