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And we are back! Tweseldown (Monday)

And finally we are back up and running! Sammi gave herself one last weekend off and then headed down the road to Tweseldown on day 4 when she was sure that the kinks would have been ironed out and the volunteers too weary to question her much about anything.

It would also appear that Sammi has morphed into Carl Hester during lockdown as Jutopia

( Lola) posted a 15 dressage score which is a whopping 85%! It would seem that is quite the fancy pony that Sammi has been polishing up over the last few months and it would be hard not to win off a score like that. Especially when you then did a spectacular showjumping round. But despite feeling like she "was going like the wind" Sammi managed to add 4 time and thus finished in 3rd. Lola had a lovely time though and as Sammi says, not much to be gained by winning the lower levels. ( Lead photo.. Lola and Sammi's backsides).

Kincooley Read My Mind ( Indie ) picked up a 33 in her class which was the polar opposite of Lola's section, this judge clearly had much more use of the lower numbers on offer to her for the movements! Lola hasn't had a rail in the last year ( a stat vastly helped by not having been out since last July!) and she jumped another beautiful double clear. Not being in the lead meant Sammi didn't have to Lewis Hamilton it and she added a leisurely 10 time to her dressage.

New for 2020 is MGH Cappa Vilou (Pattie) and her debut at Swalcliffe was a 28 double clear in March and on Monday she posted a vastly improved 22 ( see what I mean about the Carl Hester morph thing?), another lovely double clear and the same amount of time faults ( 7) that she achieved in March. So we have not got any faster then, just much more spectacular on the flat.

The big guns come out on Thursday at Aston le Walls and is is so much fun to be back out and about again. The horse world feels quite normal compared to the supermarkets and there were plenty of happy smiley faces around.

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