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Aston Le Walls Advanced

Well it's been a while but who better than to step up and have the best fun riding two horses advanced for the first time in a year than Sammi! When I asked her about her day she replied " it was such good fun" talking about piloting 2 XC at the level and that sums up our Sam... she might school endlessly, XC school weekly, have endless dressage lessons all in the pursuit of perfection but when that whistle blows at the start of the advanced XC she relies on instinct and just does what she does best, ride the most incredible round.

Two very different horses as well. The Kincooley Ceili ( William ) has only had one start at this level and that was a while ago but his double clear is all the more impressive because of that. He may have been a tad harshly scored on a 34 but when you find yourself in a class with Rio Olympic horses like Ceylor Lan that's a pretty big step up! William did his best and Sammi was proud of him and as always he jumped his socks off for a double clear to finish inside the top 20 and tick al the boxes for his next International at Burgham.

Finduss PFB ( Louis) can be blamed for all the early starts as he is now the designated "dressage before the XC starts" as that blows his already 'one flew over the cuckoo's nest ' mind. He repaid that compliment today with a 30 in his advanced and that way exceeds his PB at that level in the past. Looks like may more early mornings to follow!

He then managed to blot his copybook with an unlucky rail before his usual lovely clear XC sealed the deal with him yet again Hel's favourite pony of the day,

Louis is without doubt worthy of a his own cuckoo but he is one jumping machine and the smile he put on Sammi's face today was quite something to behold.

And for those wondering about Hunter Valley ( Gizmo).... no, we haven't shot him, he is back on the entry list after a series of insignificant injuries have left Sammi and Lyndon McCleod with significant vets bills and Gizmo loving the water treadmill. Giz might think he has been super smart but we do have a plan for him and it does actually involve some work for Giz which may become a surprise for him. Despite his appalling attitude ( he thinks he has been furloughed) he is heading towards Tokyo 2021 whether he likes it or not and he needs to get his arse back into the game!

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