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Aston Le Walls ( Friday)

Back to Aston with just the one ride for Sammi, Calcourt Verona in the intermediate. It's Ringo's first start at the level and having extensive experience in the 100 and novice sectors she put all of it to great use and actually found it all a bit of a breeze. A plus 70% dressage mark with a score of 29 was pretty impressive and a rail and a clear XC with some 22 time means that Sammi is on the "welcome to intermediate" cruise and Ringo will have the best of times moving up a level.

In other news we have a heap of horses running up at Burgham next weekend. Hunter Valley ( Gizmo) has an entry in the 4*S but has been renamed "sick note" ( Only those who watched Porridge in the UK in the 90's will understand) but since his entry and stabling has been paid for at vast expense by Lyndon he is bloody well going and he will at least hopefully do 2 phases. Of course there is the possibility he may shove his foot through the temporary stabling or impale himself upon a stake if the opportunity avails itself... he will do anything possible to avoid the dirty word of "work".

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