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Friday at Dauntsey saw Sammi riding two lovely young horses in hot sections of novice and 100. The sun was out and with the temperature in the mid thirties everyone expected Sammi, the native Aussie, to cope brilliantly whereas the rest of us who know Sammi are aware that she may as well have been born in Aberdeen as she hates the heat!

Kincooley Read My Mind (Indie) was one of several smart young horses to end up on a 34 dressage and since there were a few in the 20's that made it an easy day for Indie. A competent double clear with 10 time showed she is well on track. Jutopia ( Lola) is pretty flash and she posted what must be close to a PB for Sammi of a 15.3 dressage which left her well ahead of the field and she backed that up with a very smart clear in the showjumping. Eventing being what is is there were few congratulations but much abuse from fellow competitors whilst we were more worried that Sammi may take the scenic route cross country and not make time! Sammi timed it perfectly, Lola won her class and all was good at the end of a long hot day.

Saturday and Sammi's birthday.... although since I thought August the 1st was on Friday most people assumed her birthday had been and gone! MGH Capa Vilou (Pattie) was finally released from the indignity of BE 90 and tackled her first BE100 with gusto and finished 12th with a 29 and just 2.8 time added. Arabella PFB ( Bella) is another Parkfield horse to join the ranks of Birch Equestrian and their first outing together cemented the new partnership with a 27.8 dressage and nothing to add for the runner up slot in her section.

So another nice weekend with Dauntsey being nice and local and a big thank you to Beanie Sturgess and her team who, as always, pulled out all the stops to make it fun and educational at the same time.

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