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Jominka PFB

Check out one of Parkfield Breeding's upcoming stars in the video link above.

Parkfield Breeding

Choosing mares for our breeding programme is something we really enjoy, especially when we land a luscious lady like Minks! thank you Mark Bosanko We like our girls to have a family before, after or during, not instead of a career! Yes ladies, you’re allowed to have it all and most importantly, be kind to yourselves whilst doing so Minka has exceptional breeding, lots of blood, a fabulous canter and a proper jump. She’s sassy and all of these attributes make her a fave with Birch Equestrian We are very fortunate and we appreciate those that guide us and support us. To all you girls out there trying to balance work and life ….. remember you are all Minka’s and you’re allowed to have attitude and arsey days too #belikeminka

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