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Having fought hard to comeback from the shoulder injury Sammi sustained at Wellington and with a novice run on Kincooley Read My Mind ( Indie) under her belt at Broadway last weekend the team headed up North for the OI at Oasby with Hunter Valley ( Giz) and The Kincooley Ceili (William). Frustrating isn't really an adequate word to describe the season that Sammi has had and when you chuck a world pandemic into the mix as well it really does get messy.

However, she was delighted with the test that William produced declaring it one of his best. Not an opinion shared by the judge however much to Sammi's annoyance. Giz played up a bit in his test and more deserved his 30 penalties and they both jumped super clear rounds in the showjumping which was a nice comeback ride. Giz popped around the cross country having a tiny spook at the change of ground colour in the middle of two skinnies and Sammi was relieved to have finally got a decent run under her belt for 5th spot. William had a major spook in the same spot which resulted in a 'no chance' approach to the second skinny so a 20 on the cards but he jumped it perfectly when he had gotten over his fright.

Plan no. 110 is now the only 4*L that is left on the cards in Europe ( apart form the Barroca Tour in Portugal in late November) which is Pratoni del Vivaro in Italy in the second week of November. It has by no means any guarantee of going ahead with Europe clamping down on travel bit by bit and it is also three days drive across Europe which wont bother William but will bother Giz. The other horses have finished their UK season and are heading for their autumn holidays, the clocks have gone back and the only positive on the horizon at the moment is that we are nearly into Sunday lunch territory!

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