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Helen TaggHels has been an integral part of Birch Equestrian for well over a decade - it literally could not function without her! Supergroom, supernanny  and superwoman wrapped into one, she is the backbone of the team. Her high standards in stable mangement and turnout set the tone for the yard, and if she isn't caring for the horses, she is looking after Sammi's son Charlie. Or her merry band of Jack Russells. You can't have too many apparently.....


The Home Team: Hels has trained each and every member of the home team so they all follow her example and treat the horses like champions whether they be a short term livery or a long term advanced event horse.  All of the girls and boys at home work hard, have fun and love the job that they do which makes for very happy horses.

Ed and Charlie Birch: Chief chef, truck driver, and head of entertainment (that's Ed) and cheerleader extraordinaire and producer of incredible nappies (that's Charlie). The two main men in Sammi's life are at every event, congratulating and commiserating, and generally ensuring that everything is kept in perspective.

FARRIER: Greig Elliott
VETS: Spike Milligan
TRAINERS: Alex Franklin, Rowland Fernyhough
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