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Helen Tagg: 

Hels has been an integral part of Birch Equestrian for well over a two decades - it literally could not function without her! Supergroom, supernanny  and superwoman wrapped into one, she is the backbone of the team. Her high standards in stable mangement and turnout set the tone for the yard, and if she isn't caring for the horses, she is looking after Sammi's children, Charlie or Emilia. Or her merry band of Jack Russells. You can't have too many apparently.....

My team would not be what it is without well over a decade of dedication from my best friend and head girl Helen Tagg. Hels and I have sweltered in Sydney amidst the heat and the flies, sat in soggy heaps in the truck on rainy days, nearly frozen to death in various unheated tackrooms and sworn black and blue that we will never import another homebred again as we watch it gallop off into the distance without either of us attached. 

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Tamar Payne:

Tamar jointed Team Birch in March 2021 and has never looked back. She is hard working, great with the horses and a real team player. She has her beautiful mare grace at the yard and it has been a pleasure to see them grow in confidence each season. 

As 2IC (second in charge) at Little Park Farm, when Hels is off being supernanny; Tamar steps into the Head groom roll with ease. With the skills she has learnt from Hels over the last few years she is more than confident and capable to run a professional Eventing yard. Very lucky to have another great full time staff member on the team. 

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Will Baxter: 

Recently arrived from down under (Australia); Will is an ambitious eventer who has moved to the UK to further his eventing career. With succuss at 4* level back in Oz on K’Dale Miss Emma (Owned and Bred by Stephanie Sneyd, K'Dale Farm in Australia), he hopes with Sammi guidance he can continue this on UK soil. Looking to be a future rider for the Australian Team.

He is a great asset and team member of Birch Equestrian, proving not only good with the horses but a good handy man to have around the yard. 

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The Home Team: 

Hels has trained each and every member of the home team so they all follow her example and treat the horses like champions whether they be a short term livery or a long term advanced event horse.  All of the girls and boys at home work hard, have fun and love the job that they do which makes for very happy horses.

Anton Turnwald: 

Anton joined the team in March 2024 and is another Kiwi who has moved over to experience Eventing life in the UK. He is great with the horses and has fitted in well with the team. Hoping to one day take all his new knowledge back to the NZ with him to set up his own team. 

Quickly becoming a valued member of team Birch and the tallest rider on the yard, we will never again struggle to reach the top shelf.  

Ed Birch: 

Chief, chef truck driver, head of entertainment and recently; self proclaimed "Daddy McPhee". The main man in Sammi's life at every event, congratulating and commiserating, and generally ensuring that everything is kept in perspective. The key handy man on the yard that keeps everything running smoothly, Little Park Farm would not function without him.

Last but certainly not least he is the father to the beautiful Charlie and Emilia Birch. 

Charlie & Emilia Birch: 

Charlie is growing into a smart confidence young boy, playing many sports such as rugby and football. He is also following in is mother footsteps with his noble steed Twinkle. 

Emilia is Sammi and Eds little miracle baby and is a very cheeky smiley little girl. These future equestrians are a consistent support and joy in Sammi's very busy equestrian life. Keeping her grounded and humbled, they are an essential part of Birch Equestrian. 

TRAINERS: Alex Franklin, Rowland Fernyhough, Nelson Pessoa, Captain Mark Philips
FARRIER: Greig Elliott

BODY WORK: Marnie Campbell

VETS: Dr Christiana Ober & Dr Alice Croxford (Dr. Andre Buthe Equine Clinic)
            Ben Coles (Bourton Vale Equine Clinic) -

Dentist: Stuart Philpot -
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